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Self- Awareness Training with Horse

  • 1 ór 30 perc
  • 30 000 magyar forint
  • Bellandor Horse Center, Páty (Buda)

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Who am I? What do I want to achieve in life? How do I get there? I'm able to do it? Eternal questions and dilemmas that horses help to answer. Self-awareness training is recommended for anyone who wants to learn about themselves or develop and refine skills with the help of a therapeutic animal. Horses can be used to effectively develop assertiveness, communication, and leadership skills. They also provide instant and credible feedback on a person’s strengths and weaknesses, that will be further worked on with the therapist in talk sessions. Self-awareness training is very benefical for young people about to choose a career, helping them to define clear goals, and giving them "tools" to reach them. 

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