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Skills & Learning Development

Horse Assisted skills and development for children

  • 1 ór
  • 30 000 magyar forint
  • Bellandor Horse Center, Páty (Buda)

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Children of the modern age are exposed more than ever to increased expectations, stimuli and stress in their everyday  environment. ​Horse Assisted Skills and Learning Development Individual Program teaches empowering "tools" in the self management of anxiety and stress, develops and teaches the child: -​to recognize and manage his own stress -cognitive skills (attention, memory, perception) -social skills (integration, behavioral, adjustment difficulties) -communication skills and emotional intelligence -enhances emotional well - being and stability -build real self-esteem Equine-assisted learning is similar to equine-assisted therapy and still involves a therapist, but in equine-assisted learning sessions, however, the focus is on learning specific skills rather than a specific life stage crisis. Many of the skills they learn in these sessions translate well into the scholar world and, because the environment is so different from what they're used to, it will help them to think more broadly and being self-confident when facing difficulties (stress) in life.

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